Helping you put the pieces of your life back together.


Open Door Recovery Center offers treatment for adults and adolescents suffering from chemical dependency and/or co-occurring disorders.

Through our family program we offer simultaneous treatment to the person suffering from addiction and/or mental health disorders and their loved ones who are directly affected.

We have had the privilege of watching many families reunite and resume healthy relationships as the client returns to being a productive member of society.

Open Door regards addiction as a primary disease. Treatment follows the medical model, incorporating the most recent evidenced based therapies and the philosophies of AA/NA and Al-Anon for lifelong support.

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a ten-week Program providing education, group support, and individual therapy for clients needing intensive outpatient care as they begin or renew their commitment to Recovery.

Family Program

Open Door understands that both the disease of addiction and mental illness effect all family members. Treating the family as a whole increases the chances of success in recovery.

Relapse Prevention

Intensive Skill Building (ISB) incorporates the skills used in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) within a group experience to teach skills based on the mindfulness concept. Clients meet weekly for 1½ hour sessions beginning with a meditation and then explore a new skill each week.

Early Recovery Group

Early Recovery Group is a process group for people who have successfully completed a treatment program and are actively working a 12-step program, or desire to do so. Group meet for 1½ hours weekly.

Hancock County Jail OP Treatment

ODRC Counselors meet to provide weekly psycho-educational group for men and women, individual counseling, referrals and release planning.

Post Release Skill Building Program

A unique cognitive/behavioral program specifically designed for men and women who have or are serving time in a penal institution. It will educate and prepare participants to cope, pro-socially, with the psychological, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual affects of short and long-term incarceration.

Work Force Development

The Hancock County Recovery Workforce Project (HCRWP) works on employability skills. We meet at the Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC) Ellsworth office and the Hancock County Jail. We meet weekly for career exploration, guest speakers, confidence building exercises, completing weekly assignments, presentation, and participating in discussions.

When the program in complete each individual has:

  • Conducted labor market research
  • A realistic career goal and a plan to achieve the goal
  • Completed resume and cover letter
  • Experience with interviewing
  • Knowledge of what makes and excellent employee
  • Financial literacy
  • Comprehensive supports
  • Connections in the field they wish to pursue
Hills House Residential Treatment

Hills House is a Residential Program for women and their children under the age of six. This is an opportunity for women to receive the treatment they need while maintaining the bond and relationship with their children. Child care is provided while mothers participate in groups and individual counseling. The twenty-four hour a day experience of living in a group situation also provides a constant medium for individual self-growth. Click here to learn more about Hills House.

Bridge to Recovery

Clients participate in a group designed to focus on determining their level of readiness in the recovery process.

Veterans Treatment

ODRC provides spectial treatment groups for Veterans with co-occurring disorders and/or PTSD.

Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness Group helps clients develop skills around self-regulation and personal management of emotions relating to triggers and trauma.

School Based Counseling

School based counseling focusing on the need for evaluation and prevention education in the following Hancock County schools: Deer Isle/Stonington, Bucksport, Ellsworth, and George Stevens Academy.